Ghale Gaun village the best village among south asian villages is the perfect example of home stay based tourism destination in Nepal which is situated at an altitude of 2070 m from sea level which belongs to warrior ethnic Gurung tribe.This beautiful village lies in along the round Annapurna circuit route a whole worlds as well as Nepal's a popular trekking destination.

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A lust person of rural tourism is imperative to visit Ghale Gaon Ghanapokhara, Lamjung Nepal. It unfolds a typical ethnographic hill culture of Nepalese folk lives that are rampant across the country. The natural beauty with Himalayan rang from Mt. Monaslu to Annapurna range, the George of River to rock of hone hunting, flora and fauna, siren valley of vegetation and cultivation, robust body with dimple chicks, host with gala of smile, the dusk with lovely sun set, dawn with tender heart of love, and unaccounted records of Shangrila are the treasures of Ghale gaon. The destination is rich for domestic and international goers as well. Five dozens guests can have cozy haven for every day. I was lost amidst the host of folk song and dance; consequently I am still wondering, is there another place to visit to have the same?

Good Karma Trekking (P) Ltd, has won the hearts of the trekkers by their talency, Each year they organize various educational Tours for the student of my department and no word is enough to pronounce importance of rural tourism in country like ours. I would like to wish them my best and grand success for promoting and developing tourism of Nepal .

Professor/ Doctor Prem Sharma , PhD, TU - Man of the Year 2009
Department Head (Rural Development)
Tribhuwan University, Kathmandu Nepal.


The Members of Good Karma Trekking Family are committed & confident what they say. I had joined in few trips conducted by them around Annapurna areas and I found their work very worthy. I would like to recommend this company to any Kinds of Trekkers and Travellers from all parts of world.

Professor/ Doctor Gunanidhi Sharma
Former V - President
National Planning Commission Nepal



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