Ghale Gaun village the best village among south asian villages is the perfect example of home stay based tourism destination in Nepal which is situated at an altitude of 2070 m from sea level which belongs to warrior ethnic Gurung tribe.This beautiful village lies in along the round Annapurna circuit route a whole worlds as well as Nepal's a popular trekking destination.

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Dr. Prem Sharma
Good Karma Trekking (P) Ltd, has won the hearts of the trekkers by their talency, Each year they organize various educational Tours for the student of my department and no word is enough to pronounce importance of rural tourism in country like ours. I would like to wish them my best and grand success for promoting and developing tourism of Nepal.

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  Attraction and Vistas:

View of the Himalayas from GhalegaunOne can be a true friend of Ghale Gaun because the permanently located spectacular view of Mt Manasul in the east , Lamjung Himal and Annapurna II in the north and fishtail in the west. It is more famous for sunrise views , birds watching, farms and fields workings, furthermore the dense forest around the village and panoramic views of the blossomed rhododendron proves Ghale Gaun more beautiful & unique . Early in the morning you can wake up with the soft breeze of unpolluted air with the warm rays of sun. You can roam around the village observing their lifestyle and their warm and sincere hospitality. It is a perfect place for experiencing the real culture and lifestyle of the Gurung people. Traditional rituals are still followed during births, deaths, marriages and at other important times in a personís life.

Honey Hunting:
Hunting for the bees to collect honey is an age old traditional method of Gurung peoples. The hunter by using local ladder and ropes shows the unique skills by hanging from steep cliffs as high as around 300 m, The harvesting of honey is possible twice a year April- May & Sep- Nov. Ghale Gaun Provides the honey hunting facility for their valuable guest but it must be informed one month prior to visit .

Gurung Dance - GhalegaunGurung Museum:
The Museum with its collection of various artful things dresses and ornaments used by Gurung community , the agriculture workshop and other important gift from their ancestor again gives the glimpse of an old age. As well as observe the significant insight of culture , history and development process.


Utterkanya Temple:
North to the village is the holy place where the temple is situated . The unique orientation of the goddess idol of them temple facing north which is very rare in other temple, one can see the mythical approach in the myth. Beside temple has the holy water pond constructed by the Ghale king. It is said that many people working in military from this area loosed their life in different battles like first world war, second world war etc but after the construction of this temple no one has had been victim of such miss fortune.

Bamboo is the main source for handicraft. Doko, Namlo, Thusni, Bhakari, Dalo , Ghum, Pakhi , Bakhu etc are the best identified handicraft. beside these they make other several handicrafts for their works, for milking and keeping local drinks. They do not love fashionable clothes of city life , they try to maintain their clothing by their woolen products. The clothes made from Nettle Fiber and Aloe has a big Demand today which is produced in Ghale Gaun.

Ghalegaun CultureTradition & Culture:
Gurnungs are famous for their Culture as Putpute, (celebration in the happiness of the eldest son of the family) Arghun (ritual after death) Biya (amusing ceremony of engagement) Sorathi and Krishna Charitra, (historical remembering) Ghantu (performed in the occasion of the Lord Buddha's birth day) Lochaar (Gurung community's New Year) all are equally rich and important culture organizes in the courtyard of the Ghale Peoples.


Tea garden:
The rays of sun falling on those giant mountains shines like a gold foil. We couldnít stop ourselves from capturing the spectacular views of the mountains and magnificent sunrise. When you go to the steep hill of tea farming you will say we never thought we will get tea farming there. You may get the satisfaction of visiting Darjeeling as well as Kalingpong when you will be roaming around tea garden.



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